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In the Book of Revelation, John told us we need wisdom to understand.  The prophet Daniel – the wisest man in Babylon – could not understand his own visions.  He needed the Archangel Gabriel to help explain things to him.  You may wonder, as one author has asked: “If a renowned prophet, sage, and dream interpreter like Daniel couldn’t interpret his own visions of the future, why should I trust some preacher who says he’s got it all figured out?”[i]


I’m not asking you to trust me – and I’m far from being a preacher.  I am asking you to consider the evidence I’ve put together.  If you read the facts, you will at least understand my conclusions, even if you disagree.


Most Bible prophecy books are written by pastors who have had a strong faith in Jesus for at least thirty years.  I can’t offer you a book from that perspective.  My beliefs were evolving as I wrote this, and my book reflects two perspectives.  Thirty years ago, I would have laughed at these topics.  I was spiritually immature and had no faith in God.  He certainly wasn’t doing his job as I saw fit.  Many good Christians tried to convince me otherwise, but I didn’t see any logic in their beliefs.  All I could hear was: “God made a horribly flawed creation on purpose, just so he could fix it later and prove a point by magically impregnating a virgin and arriving here as his own son.  The son had to be killed, but because he is his own father he can rise from the grave like a zombie.  He loves us all very much, but he won’t use his omnipotence to end disease or war.  In his plan to end suffering, I just need to believe in him – only then can he remove the evil that got into souls 6,000 years ago when a woman was made from a rib and was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magic tree.  Because that is the source of all the problems in God’s perfect creation.”  Seriously?


Now – if you’re a Christian – why would you want to read a book on Bible prophecy written by a young man with such an offensively atheist view of Christianity?  You probably wouldn’t want to read what he had to say – and he wouldn’t have been able to write this book.  But I’m not a young man anymore, and my lack of respect for the Bible has been replaced with insight.  My views have taken a 180 degree turn.  The chapters ahead will explain why not having a Christian beginning was crucial to my more recent conclusions. I would never have researched so many topics which, at first glance, seem to have nothing in common with the Bible.  I would never have had the same journey or done the research necessary to write this book if I had been raised as a Christian.


As a young man, I had won some math and science awards and had a few scholarships to help pay for college.  My dorm building was set aside for the students with the highest SAT scores, and I was pretty full of myself when I got there.  I liked logic and lacked empathy.  One night I saw a young woman I knew in the quiet study room reading her Bible.  I could have just walked by, but my contempt for religion was too strong.  “You don’t actually believe that crap, do you?”  She looked up and glared at me silently.  Many months later, I was at a party when several new arrivals came in.  She stopped in the doorway.  Music was playing; college students were talking and drinking.  She hunched down about a foot, pointed at me, and screamed at the top of her lungs: “ANTICHRIST!  ANTICHRIST!”


I thought she was nuts.  But in a broad sense, she was spot on....

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[i] Miller, Stephen.  The Complete Guide to Bible Prophecy.  Ulrichsville, OH: Barbour Publishing, 2010, p. 5